Versus – Fun vs. Fatal

It’s kind of like, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” As we grow old with skateboarding, the fun just wouldn’t be as fun without all that is harsh and potentially damaging on any given day in the field.-Eric Stricker


Friends/Slappies/Ditches/”Real Men Do It To Fakie”/Wallrides/Setup tricks/Red curbs/Road trips/Document it for the hell of it/Jersey barriers/Fakie-to-fakie/First sparks/Crailtaps/Draining pools/Games of SKATE/New decks/Ten homeys in the van/Riding away/Solo missions/Skate mansions/Kickflipping to the store/Those recycled plastic benches/Landing in transition/Landing it first try/Refrigerator extensions/The spot that goes untold/Rendering a spot skateable/Weekend school-yard sessions/Weaving through traffic/Learning it switch/Building it yourself/Doing it when you know you can/Doing it with your headphones on/Lunch sessions/Friends sections/The cop that gives you one last go/Living out of a suitcase/Rediscovering the love/Backyard barbecues/Kegs on the deck/Knowing that the feeling remains the same


Bajillion sets/Swamp knee/Popped knees/”Charging it to the game”/Cracks/Double-rail handrails (leg breakers)/Rocks/Hot asphalt/Soft asphalt/Rain/New trucks/Flat spots/Bearing bursts/Sacked nuts/Weekend school-yard sessions/Hang-ups/Wheel bite/Lack of speed/Overwaxing/Full pads/Ten homeys in the van/Cops/Skatestoppers/Attitude/Tweaked ankles/Splinter shards/Aging/Excessive wind/Masonite burns/Doing it for someone other than yourself/Kicked out before you land it/Primo-ing/Living out of a suitcase/Broken boards/Slipped axles/Bent axles/Ground-down axle nuts/Ground-down axles/Slam sections/Coming up short/Security guards/That once sweat-drenched T-shirt that now has something growing on it, since you forgot it’s been sitting underneath the seat all this time … and damn, it was a good one, too.