Video Game Reviews

Video Game Reviews

NBA 2002 Inside Drive


Get ready, big ballers! NBA Inside Drive will take your game from the streets and put it right into your living room. Eventually, though, your muscles will atrophy, most likely leaving you in a dilapidated state of euphoria.–E.S.




Sega Sports/Xbox

Sega has been making great sports video games for so long, they've got it down to a science. The graphics on NFL 2K2 are sharp and detailed–thanks to the Xbox platform. Lately, this game has seen nonstop action in my Xbox–everyone wants a piece. With a room full of vidiots, set the quarter time to two minutes and play shortened games against your friends to decide who's the champion of the room. NFL 2K2's players are equipped with A.I. (artificial intelligence), so if you know nothing about play calling and strategy, the computer will actually play the game with you doing nothing more than hiking the ball. Break out the coolies and the chips, it's going to be a long day on the couch.–E.S.