Video Review : Church Of Skatan

Maybe I was expecting too much. I’m not quite sure in what capacity, but the Church Of Skatan is in cahoots with the Shorty’s crew, so I anticipated a video of Fulfill The Dream proportions. However, Wild In The Streets views more like a recent issue of 411 Video Magazine. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but taking my misguided preconceptions into account, I was a little disappointed. The Shorty’s team does make an appearance, and Steve Olson’s footage is probably the highlight of the video. But the majority of the flick is a disjointed and at times dizzying compilation of Church’s team riders. On the positive side, the East Coast tour section is pretty dope, and I was feeling the music throughout the video. You also get more for your dollar because Wild In The Streets runs longer than your average skate vid.

In short, if you are expecting another Shorty’s video, as I foolishly was, then you may be let down. But if you want to watch a shitload of skaters get down, then you know what to do – go get it, girl.