Video Review – Consolidated No Tommorrow

Dear TransWorld,

Please use this video review of my new favorite video No Tomorrow by Consolidated Skateboards. This is a twenty-minute pixel masterpiece “about being in love and hate with skateboarding full spectrum.” It features my favorite skateboarders Jackson Taylor and Scott Bourne (a.k.a. Black Arm). Those guys rip! Jackson feebles a gnarly rail and skates transition like a man. Scott Biggety Bourne 50-50s the crap out of a burly rail, and dominates all ramps big and small. I’m gonna get a black arm when I turn eighteen and get away from my parents.

Anyway, I like this video ’cause they don’t care about fancy cameras or bullrings, but just ripping on the road, stickering welcome signs, riding trails, punching griptape, arm wrestling, car stunts, fire crackers, and yipping. Dean Martin, Alan Peterson, Kevin Costner, and Karma Tsocheff also make cameos and give words of wisdom woven like a spider web. Cool, huh? I’m a writer. Anyhow, all you “prozac laboratory” victims unite, and show the world that less is more – stay pure, stay poor. Consolidated rules my soft eggshell world. – Time “The Tough Guy” Schuler