Video Review: Midopoly


Once my ninja spies informed me the TransWorld VCR temple had been invaded by the rival TransWorld SNOWboarding clan, I immediately grabbed my Gunsen razor war fan to spill their blood. The VCR temple is reserved for sacred skateboarding videos, these shameful snow samurai would pay for their disrespect! I stealthly climbed on the ceiling using my Nekode ninja climbing claws, then backflipped into a surprise attack, unleashing my lightning slash technique and decapitating three of the four snow jocks with one slice. As an insult to the remaining snow samurai, I threw down my weapons to let him know any one of my 10,000 fisticuff styles could defeat him. After dodging a pitiful barrage of jib kicks, I performed an avalanche upper-cut followed by a roundhouse rodeo-flip knife chop to the throat. While spitting out a stream of blood, he murmured, “You defeated me with my own techniques! It is an honor to be defeated by such a skilled warrior,” and collapsed dead. I then executed a drunken monkey cartwheel and put in the Midopoly skateboarding video, featuring the styles of a Midwest skateboarding clan, and analyzed their techniques. The skillful skateboard warriors Chad Benson, Steve Messer, and Clint Peterson were very impressive. I expect to see more of them in the future. The filming/editing by Grandmaster Benji Meyer was also better than the majority of ninja training videos. It inspired me to sharpen my Katana and prepare for my frontal assault on the TransWorld Surf clan.–Dome Slasher Shza