Video Review: SkateNation

SkateNation Danny Minnick, brazen self-promoter/producer of Genie of the Lamp, recently released his latest video SkateNation. Production and theme-wise, it’s a pretty standard skate vid featuring cities, skaters, and a slam section, but what makes Minnick’s movies worth watching are his crew. Featured in SkateNation are Sheffey, Muska, Smolik, Donger, Tony Hawk, Colin McKay, the Gonz, Tas and Ben Pappas, Willy Santos, Kanten Russell, Kareem, Rob Gonzalez, plus a dozen or so other quality skateboarders, and Danny knows how to get them to produce. The video also features a minute-long Ghetto Child commercial full of footage of Tom Penny from a few years back, before his mysterious disappearance in rural France. Seeing footy of Tom previously unreleased makes one nostalgic for 1997, back when there weren’t commercials in skate videos.¿J.P.