Video Review – Wonder Years

Duffs Shoes – Wonder Years

Kris Markovich is in this video. Where I’m from, that’s enough to sell a video. And with an assembled cast of characters like the Duffs team, you know that there is plenty more worth seeing. Matt Hensley and Chris Pastras (that’s “Dune” to all of those over 21) are fun to watch, with Mr. Hensley proving he isn’t just a billiards hustler these days and Dune ripping the mini ramps. Young upstarts Danny Montoya and Chris Lambert make impressive showings, as does most everyone else on the roster – Dave Duren, Jake Stewart, Johnny Fonseca, Jason Maxwell, Tommy Budjanec, Alphonzo Rawls, Jonas Wray, and token vert-dog Jason Ellis.

Wonder Years is chock-full of “freedom rock” hits – a nice change from the mandatory So Cal punk and flavor-of-the-hour hip-hop soundtracks. Thanks to filmer-editor Ricki Bedenbaugh, the filming is tight, the skating top quality, the tunes rock, and you get to see photos of the Duffs team during their “wonder years.” Of course, the highlight of the video is Markovich’s part. Always blazing fast and consistently progressive, Kris makes you wonder how he’s kept going so strong all these years. Video Review – Wonder Years