Video Reviews – Winter Issue 2002

5boro Video Review

5boro Video So, I was chillin’ up at the A.B.C. training facility located in beautiful Thompkins Square Park when Pat Smith walked up to me and said, “Hey, Andy-you should write an article about big-city hessians,” or something to that extent. We’d get together with all of the 5boro boys and various other hessian cells throughout New York City and take pictures. Then I could write a piece about how “dirty rocker” they are.

After each photo shoot, we’d most definitely go to some dark, grimy bar in Williamsburg. We’d play pool, wear black shirts, and expound on the many wonders of Spinal Tap. Mr. Smith could show off his brand new Mohawk, and then we could all get into a brawl.

This image of debauchery was making me thirsty when Pat’s voice cut in: “So, Andy, that’d make a good article, right?” “Pat,” I said. “I will never write anything about New York City hessians.”-Andy Seifert

In Bloom DVD Review

In Bloom DVD If you own the latest TWS video In Bloom, leave it on the dashboard of your car next time it’s hot out-that will give you the perfect excuse to go buy the In Bloom DVD. Yeah, I know, the video blows your mind, but the DVD will take your head off.

You may recall some of the insanely ridiculous stunt-trickery performed by the rising new school of skateboarding in the In Bloom video, but unless you’ve seen the DVD, you missed the unleashed raw power provided by some of the originators of this gentleman’s pastime with bonus segments like the Australia road trip, the Dodger Bowl session, and the New Zealand demos, which give you the added perspective of skating things that don’t involve double-digit stairs and/or flip-to-flip tricks. Let’s call it a melding of the minds-new school meets O.G.

And for those of you who aren’t that interested in what they’ve added, you can rejoice in the delivery of those things that were left off … of the video that is. With the DVD, you get the deleted clips that were left out when they were trying to figure out how to stick in all of the sick footy they had without selling you double cassettes. Bonus? I’ll say.

So, let’s recap. You own the video, that’s cool. You’ve seen half the footage, that’s not cool. You have to rewind, fast-forward, and wait-that sucks. Do yourself a favor: next time you’re in the skate shop, tell them you’ve finally decided to take full advantage of what the wonderful world of technology has to offer. Tell them you’re ready to pick up the In Bloom DVD. Just remember this: You owe me one.-Jared Loveless

Free At Last: The Am VideoThink

With the high-quality skating on this video, they should’ve just called it Paid At Last: Ams We Need To Turn Pro! Nothing but serious business is turned out by this hot batch of skaters. Brazilian skater Alysson Castro keeps it tight and on point throughout this seventeen-minute teaser. Sean Payne is the one to look out for as his smooth style (always check the arms) and technical know-how gives him the upper hand. Danny Fuenzalida skates high and mighty anywhere he sets his wheels down.

The Think team goes to Hawai’i, and they all show off a little skimboard action on the sandy beach as well. Hot young skater Jessica Krause is famous for her hot temper/no-bull attitude and is able to back it up on board. Just don’t get in her way or she’ll take you out! Jake Palu is welcomed to the team with a handful of stylish bangers. Spicy San Jose skate youth Daryl Angel plays to win and shows that sometimes you gotta stack super hard before you can nail that trick. Other flow bros represented are the piping hot Brennan Fitzgerald and D.J. Chavez. Think pro Poncho Moler’s bonus footy will have you howling and hitting rewind, guaranteed. Look for this video, it should be free at finer skate outlets.-Ray Stevens II

Rough Crowd video Review

Rough Crowd

If you’re from the Chicago area, then you may have heard of some of the ki who are in this video, Rough Crowd, by James Wilschke (somebody sell him a vowel). But if not, then you’re probably only going to recognize one name and that’s Ed Templeton’s new bearded son, Josh Harmony. Okay, maybe two if you watch the bonus footage with boy-band could’ve-been Tosh Townend. That’s not to say that the rest of the ensemble doesn’t break it off, but don’t expect to be starstruck.

From the looks of the cover, which is black with a picture of a mullet-teer in training and some black and white mug shots (along with the name Rough Crowd), I would’ve assumed I’d see a lot more piss-drunkenness and general hardcoreness, but oh well-you don’t always get what you want.

What you do get is to see is that the rest of the world of skateboarding is just as happy and hard-working as their Cali counterparts, and they’re just as willing to put it on the chopping block. Kudos to you.So when you’re in the Chi-town area and want to sample the local fare, take to the streets and find someone who knows how to get their hands on this video. And if you happen to bump into any of them skating, watch out, they’re a Rough Crowd.-J-Rough Loveless


Fruit Of The Vine 8mm film makers Coan Nichols and Rick Charnoski (also known for their internationally viewed TV segments, Skateparks Of Oregon and Ecuador) have come up with Tobaccoland. They make it known early on that they intended to see and skate Europe by any means necessary. They go for it with Gonzo broke styles as their motto seems to be: “Do what you gotta do to survive on no euros a day and party hardy, Marty.” You’ll see them squirming borders with an illegal rental car and doing other “don’t try this at home” stunts such as trashing a latrine in France and rolling free in Amsterdam. When they find themselves at a German trade show, they start heckling goons selling fingerboards by asking the crucial question, “Do you skateboard?” or bugging the lurker selling the remote-control Tony Hawk skateboard toy. Classic stuff.

Ryan Johnson steals the show, though, displaying the “Fresno smoove” quickness with street-flowing gnarlers on trippy Czech architecture that was made for modern skateboarding. You’ll see hot Spanish locals ripping the Algorta skatepark pool with slashing style on a nude beach.

The bonus footy is plentiful and has Summer 2001 contests from Dortmund, Prague, and Lausanne by all of the street and vert top rankers. The soundtrack has a little bit of everything, ranging from classical music to classic rock. If you can’t find Tobaccoland through your usual suspects, get it by e-mailing Beware, though, this movie will make you want to road trip in Europe!-Ray Stevens II

Urban Rubble
Break’n Rough Ground

Marshall “Stack” Reid has come through with a solid and entertaining video featuring all of the young talent spilling out of Seattle, Washington. Marshall’s been skating and promoting skateboarding for most of his life. He’s known for putting on the Sound And The Fury contest and helping the Northwest skateboard scene through the tough times as well as the honey days. It comes natural to him-his father Larry Reid was also instrumental in promoting punk-rock and skateboard events in the early 80s in the Sea-Wah area.

With so much knowledge and connections, Marshall has followed his path in life and started his own skate company (Manik) and put out this video to spread the word.

Many names you’ll soon learn about are on display in this video killing the Northwest. Casey Heath, Alien, Scotty Yamamura, Josh Jones, Mark Hubbard, Shane Jenks, and many more rip through the streets, parks, rails, contests, and backyard bowls that Seattle has to offer. Clay Wheels gets the soundtrack rolling, and it never lets up from there!

There’s also wild footage of some Gonzo skaters rolling around on the roof of the old Seattle Kingdome before it was blown up with explosives. The skaters dressed up in worker coveralls and duped the real workers into thinking there was a staff meeting in the parking lot while they barged the roof to skate it! It was so controversial that it was shown on Seattle news for a week straight! Look into it!-Ray Stevens II

xplosives. The skaters dressed up in worker coveralls and duped the real workers into thinking there was a staff meeting in the parking lot while they barged the roof to skate it! It was so controversial that it was shown on Seattle news for a week straight! Look into it!-Ray Stevens II