Volume (18#2)

TransWorld Media is like a giant hippie commune, except that instead of Earth-conscious organic farmers laboring for the good of a collective entity it’s full of disillusioned individuals who constantly moan about the size of their paychecks and are openly hostile toward hippies. So, in effect, TransWorld Media is nothing like a hippie commune.

That’s why it was great that when Tania quit her job to go to law school, Chris Cote and Aaron Schmidt (the editor and managing editor of TransWorld SURF, respectively) offered to lend a hand by doing some music reviews for their poor, understaffed skate brothers. Which was very groovy and socialistic of them. Thanks, co-strugglers.¿SKATE

BenumbWithering Strands Of HopeRelapse Records These dudes from the Bay Area of San Francisco, California are back, and they’re way more pissed than they were on their last album, Soul Of The Martyr, which, I might add, was Benumb’s very first full-length album. No stranger to ultra-violent music, I tend to sift through many “metal” bands haphazardly. Fortunately, this release from Benumb really behooved me to get a tremendous amount of exposure time to their album. I love subjecting myself to music that fills my spirit with bludgeoning reality. With overwhelming confidence I can firmly say, “This is the best f¿kin’ grind album since the late 80s!”¿A.S.

BoulderRavage And SavageTee Pee Records This is down-and-dirty grit-rock for the hesher in all of us. Don’t try to be all tech-cool, because we all know everyone went through their hesher stage at one point in their life. Well, I’m currently still in my hesher phase, so I can’t help but to embrace Boulder’s new rock ‘n’ roll album Ravage And Savage with fierce intensity. If you’re a fan of Mötörhead, Black Sabbath, or Lynyrd Skynyrd, you should go out to your local independent music store and buy this “true raging punk-metal from Aurora, Ohio.”¿A.S.

The CrüxshadowsThe Mystery Of The WhisperDancing Ferret Records All it took was one glance at their CD-cover art to figure out that this shit is straight cornball. When I put the disc in my Walkman, it rejected it. Even something cold and lifeless like a machine knows when something is wack. As I finally was able to listen to it, I realized that I do indeed hate this group. The Crüxshadows (pronounced croo-shadows) claim, “We’re one of the most popular and fastest-rising bands in the modern American dark-music scene.” What’s that? This is not black metal¿this is dorky, goth-dance garbage. Well, what else would you expect from a record company with a name like Dancing Ferret?¿Eary Vaughn

MastermindsUnderground RailroadGround Control/Nu Gruv This Masterminds album is a masterpiece. Oracle, Kimani, and Epod complete their New York triumvirate of superior lyricism and complex beats. On the guest roster, Shabaam Sahdeeq, J-Live, and El-P from Company Flow drop buckets of endless knowledge. The Masterminds have opened for Tribe, The Roots, Organized Confusion, and Common, so you know these kids know how to rip shit. “You can’t stop, can’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, won’t stop, won’t stop, hip-hop, hip-hop.”¿A.S.

Analog BrothersPimp To EatPimp Rex Records This is some wicked-ass flowing 2005 rap shit that’s like all spacey and futuristic. The Analog Brothers are Ice Oscillator (Ice-T), Keith Korg (Kool Keith), Silver Synth (Black Silver), and Rex Roland JX39 (Pimp Rex). They rap like centipedes on futuristic crack or something. Laser death rays aimed at your brain and tongue-twisting crazy rhymes fill this piece up from beginning to end. Scared of futuristic speed-brain rap? Then don’t buy this, you little year-1986 asswipe.¿C.C.

UrchinThe Sound of UrchinRCA I have a question for Dean Ween¿why the hell did you produce this shitty record? It sounds like bad Kid Rock slanging terrible rhymes over wretched guitar riffs. This, my friends, is rock-rap at its lamest (or it’s justt some kind of sarcastic slap in the face to Limp Bizkit). The only reason I even listened to this record is because it said Dean Ween’s name on it. Boy, was I stupid.¿C.C.

GluciferTender is the SavageSub Pop Glucifer is straight-forward rock and roll that makes me want to drink and jump around. This is good music to listen to if you want to go out and cause a ruckus. Put this double-length disc on, and turn it up¿you’ll be punching yourself in the face, or slapping one of your friends. Perfect for the entrance scene to a high school kegger. If you like bands that say “baby” and rock out with guitar solos, you’ll love Glucifer. They’re kind of like Rocket from the Crypt or Zeke.¿C.C.

JejuneR.I.PBig Wheel Recreation Jejune plays pretty yet intense indie-rock with a very talented male singer and an equally talented female singer. This particular album is the last to be made by this great band, hence the name R.I.P. People should listen to Jejune because it will make them feel good about themselves while they’re listening to it. If you’re a fan of such acts as Jimmy Eat World or The Promise Ring, you should love Jejune. If you’re not a fan of nice indie-rock, you’ll like this album because it will force you to.¿C.C.

The Lesser Birds Of ParadiseA Suitable FrameLoose Thread This soft and lovely music is all about tenderness, heartache, and most of all, good music. Three songs on this CD blend perfectly with a hug from your lady, or man. If you don’t want to slow dance to Whitney Houston or R Kelly, you can really get your romance on to The Lesser Birds Of Paradise. This is intelligent music for lovers, or loving music for intelligent people. Play this for your lady, and she’ll be all romanced up. If you like Sebadoh or Elliot Smith, you’ll like The Lesser Birds Of Paradise.¿C.C.