WHAT IT IS: The swooshes three-years-in-the-making full-length video.
WHY YOU NEED IT: There’re two things you must know about this video. The skating in the video is great. The skits in the video, however, are not. So, be warned, ’cause watching this video the entire way through without skipping a beat might haunt your experience. But once you get down to the nitty gritty, the well-flimed, well-edited (to an amazing soundtrack) skateboarding can’t be denied. Weiger Van Wageningen, Grant Taylor, and Lewis Marnell will surprise the sh-t outta you, Todd Jordan’s and BA’s style will bring envy to your eyes, and Stefan will blow your mind while Omar will make sure it explodes into smithereens. We’re just trying to be honest.

WHAT IT IS: It’s a 411. It’s the new one. What more do you need to know?
WHY YOU NEED IT: Still ousting the numerical values to their videos and carrying on with the catchy titles, 411’s newest production takes you closer to the equator with Miami’s MIA skateshop taking over the Chaos and a full team section from fellow Floridian shop, Westside. Speaking of Florida, Jacksonville local Mike Peterson has been putting out some of the best footage of his career and it shows in his part full of clips from Kona skatepark, which is celebrating it’s 30th year anniversary by the way. But if you do pick up this still free DVD, Tommy Fynn is the one to look out for. The Santa Cruz am has finally brought his South African bred talents to a place that can’t be ignored.

WHAT IT IS: The latest Birdhouse video after a ten year hiatus.
WHY YOU NEED IT: It’s been at little too long since The End, which made for a Jeremy Klein pier jump worth of anticipation and expectation behind the prequel. The team’s a little younger and not as strong as it was ten years prior, but don’t think The Beginning can’t shut up even the toughest critics of today. The team’s serious batch of ams comes out strong with Justin “Figgy” Figueroa and Sean Eaton as the main ingredients. Matt Ball definitely comes through, Willy keeps it classic, and “last part” Steve Nesser will be more than worth the wait. If this is Birdhouse’s new beginning, it’s only gonna get better from here.

WHAT IT IS: A documentary on the life of legendary skateboarder Jason Jessee.
WHY YOU NEED IT: Born a Mormon, master of the frontside ollie, legendary skateboarder, shotgun connoisseur, chopper craftsman, sculptor, and overall glorified madman, Jason Jessee has quite the story to tell. And though the majority of this film focuses on the afterlife of Jessee’s skateboarding career, that’s what makes this documentary the most interesting. Or shall we say, mind boggling? Featuring appearances by skateboarders Christian Hosoi, Jay Adams, Steve Alba and others closest to Jason’s fascinating yet alarming personality, it won’t take long to realize there’s a lot of truth in Pray For Me’s title.


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