Web Site Review : DLXSF.COM

The Deluxe Distribution family of companies (Real, Stereo, and Anti-Hero skateboards; Spitfire wheels; Thunder trucks; Forties clothing; and Lucky bearings) have always based their image on backyard, punk-rock skateboarding. Theirs were the companies that didn’t follow the nylon-basketball-short craze. At Deluxe, fancy finish has always seemed to take a backseat to the act of skateboarding. But you wouldn’t know it by looking at www.dlxsf.com. The site is intricately designed, full of quality animation and downloadable video clips, and the Deluxe Online Store makes browsing at your local shop seem limiting at best.

As you check out the site, those whose computers are equipped with Macromedia Flash will be accompanied by music and sound effects. The entire site is worth browsing, if for no other reason than to see the animation for each company’s logo. The site’s only weak spot, with all the amazing talent Deluxe employs, I would like to see more profiles, video grabs, and sequences than are currently up and running.

But as polished as it may appear, dlxsf.com still doesn’t offer nylon basketball shorts.