Weird Story – Lance Mountain

In July of 1989, Tony Hawk, Mike Manzoori, Ray Underhill, Eric Sorrensen, Adrian Demain, and I were on tour in Europe with the Bones Brigade, doing demos around England and Wales. We were skating this little red mini ramp out in the middle of this field somewhere in the London area, and I was selling some 45 singles of this band I was in called Republic. Some guy comes up to me and goes, “Hey, this kid wants you to go to his house.”

I’m like, “Oh yeah? Hot!”

I was thinking the kid must have a ramp, so I ask, and he goes, “No.”

So now I’m thinking, “Oh, that’s just great.”

Then the guy who introduced Lance to the kid with no ramp goes, “His mom is coming over to talk to you.”

So the mom comes over and invites us to her house for dinner, and I’m like, “Sure,” not knowing what’s going on.

Before we left to go to the kid’s house, this dude comes over and goes, “That’s George Harrison’s wife and kid; they want to take you to their castle.”

So we followed them through the gates and up to the castle. The grounds were huge. The guy who had owned it before the Harrisons had built a replica of the Alps – these little mountains – and behind them were the servants’ quarters. They had a lake, too. There was a flag flying from the castle with a Hindu symbol on it.

We walked in, and George was sitting in a room with Tom Petty; they were watching soccer. We met them, and George took some time out and gave us a little tour of the castle. We walked through all these hallways, all his gold and platinum discs were on the wall. He was like, “Let me show you the music room.” There were three drum sets and 50 guitars on the wall – all the famous guitars he’d ever played. There was this yellow paper on a desk with some lyrics on; George said Bob Dylan was coming the next day to record.

We went into George’s kid’s bedroom – at that time he would have been about twelve. He had this rad little room, and he George played the guitar for us. Then we went to the kitchen, and George’s wife made us some pizza, so we had pizza with everyone. It was pretty trippy.

The son knew I’d been selling singles at the demo, and he told his dad, so George is all, “I heard you have a record. If you get me one, I’ll put it in the jukebox in the living room.”

I told him it was terrible and that we didn’t know how to play. George said that’s what music is, and that no one really knows how to play.

Then we took some photos with George and his wife. She gave us records because she was trying to raise money for Romanian children. She wanted to bring us out to Romania and build a ramp so we could skate there, but I’m pretty sure they’re over it, because we never got a call.

My friend Louie, who was in Republic, still calls me to tell me George Harrison has our record in his jukebox. George probably stamped on it, but he said it was in, so that was good enough for me. – Lance Mountain, as told to Skin