What Chany Jeanguenin rides and why?

I don’t really go by board dimensions, I just stand on my board and see if it’s wide enough; I just kind of feel it. I like kind of steep boards, I also like them kind of skinny for more control and it’s just better for flip tricks. I have two setups, though-one for vert and one for street. My vert board is a little wider and longer. The board I ride is the Expedition Inerlock, it’s rad because you can set it up in like two minutes. I definitely think Inerlock boards are way stronger than any other board, but I don’t really break boards. I’ve tried to focus the Inerlock boards and I couldn’t do it. If a board doesn’t chip I usually ride it for a week.

I try and change my wheels when I change my board. Speed Demon 50s on street and 58s on vert. The harder they are, the better they are; I like white wheels. I also ride Speed Demon bearings. For griptape sometimes I put lines on the board or whatever. The trucks I ride are Orions-smallest size on street and the bigger ones for vert. A bunch of my friends ride tighter trucks, but I try to ride 'em a little looser. I used to have them really tight and it was just annoying.

I’ve been riding my new Converse helium shoe. The pair I have right now I’ve been skating in for two or three weeks and there’s still no holes or anything. They’ve been holding up really well.

It seems like you have to skate what you can these days, spots that I’m not going to get kicked out and I can skate for as long as possible is what I like to skate. I don’t like skating places where you stress, it’s better skating places with my friends relaxing and having fun. But again, I’m a professional skateboarder, you have to film all the time so you have to deal with it. I’ve been skating vert lately and it’s been fun. I like to skate everything.-As told to Shad