Zoo York and R.B. Umali, Heads

As a little tyke, I used to watch the Powell-Peralta and Santa Cruz videos, and they would always make me want to move to California. All those spots and the people skating them had me California dreamin’. My dreams lasted until about four years ago, when the Philadelphia-based Eastern Exposure videos began to be made. That’s when my skate fantasies shifted toward the City of Brotherly Love, but that was all last century. This is 2000, and my man R.B. Umali has made Big Apple pride a universal thing.

I just know there are some little cats out in Cali’ and up in Philly just itchin’ to skate our spots. First Natas represented the rounded curbs of Santa Monica, then Bam tore up FDR Skatepark; now it’s Huf grinding, flipping, and ollieing everything from Battery Park up to the boogie-down Bronx. And that’s not all. Ever heard of Billy Waldman? He was the child star of World Industries’ early years, who supposedly self-destructed and fell off in true child-star style. Well, he’s back, and R.B. knows it.

Also spotted around New York these days are the likes of Cairo Foster and Kenny Reed¿two of San Francisco’s finest. It seems like everybody loves New York these days, and who can blame them? This is the place to be for the two Gs¿NYC and R.B. reppin’ the new century!¿Andy Seifert