Just a quick wrap up from last year’s Awards show. Check out the Legend Award given to Matt Hensley and some photos from the night.


Yoon took it upon himself to hijack Lizard's trophy because if he hadn't, chances are Lizard would've lost it along with his mind. Instead of letting the award fall prey to some bum's sinful intentions, Yoon demonstrates its double function as a beer holder. Don't worry Lizard, you practically live with Yoon, so you'll see your precious earnings in due time.

In our final award for the night, we honored Matt Hensley as a legend, officially entering him into the history books. The dude has killed it for generations with textbook style and back 3's. He even found time to skate between touring with Flogging Molly. The guy is a full fledged legend, no doubt. If you're ever around San Diego, make sure to check out his pub Hensley's. You'll be in for a treat.


Different generations of Black Label all under the same roof: Matt Hensley, John Lucero, and Ben Skrzypek.

9:52pm – From Weird to Weirder: Reader's Choice


Chris Cole might be more consistent, but he sure as hell doesn't have the personality Lizard does. Lizard King undeniably goes for broke, lives in reckless abandonment, and never looks back. But that's what's so likable about the guy. That and he's always the first guy in the room to say what's up. In his acceptance speech, Lizard, in what will now live in infamy, shouted, "I F—KING DESERVE THIS!" Hell yeah you do. Cheers Lizard!


Gettin' Ready For It!


Good thing we got the tall cans.


Podium Erica and Fuel TV's own Chris Casey announce the winners of best team. Best team just so happened to kill it hard enough to also win none other than best video of the year. That's what you'd expect though, right?