Neff North vs. South
Neff and TWS rounded up 8 teams from some of the most legit shops in the country, 4 from the North (Board of Provo, Civil, Premier, Tactics) and 4 from the South (Ambush, Cowtown, Rukus, SPoT). We pitted them against each other in a shop video contest to claim regional bragging rights. You watched all the videos and after the first round of voting the two finalists were Tactics Skate Shop of the North and Rukus Boardshop of the South. The two of them went head to head for the final round of votes and the overall win goes to Rukus Boardshop of Baton Rouge, Louisiana! The Dirty South took it this time. Thanks to all the shops, skaters and videographers who were a part of Neff North Vs. South this year. #NeffNorthvsSouth

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    Overall Winner

  • Rukus, Baton Rouge, LA. Winner of Neff North vs. South

    North Shop Video Winner

  • Tactics Boardshop, Eugene, OR. Read More

    South Shop Video Winner

  • Rukus, Baton Rouge, LA. Read More

    All North Shop Videos

  • Board of Provo, Provo, UT. Read More
  • Civil, East Greenwich, RI. Read More
  • Premier, Grand Rapids, MI. Read More
  • Tactics Boardshop, Eugene, OR. Read More

    All South Shop Videos

  • Ambush Board Company, Kennesaw, GA. Read More
  • Cowtown, Phoenix, AZ. Read More
  • Rukus, Baton Rouge, LA. Read More
  • SPoT, Tampa, FL. Read More
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