Sessions Presents the 13th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Skateboarding Contest and Announces Pro Invites for Contest Sept 24 & October 1
in Scott's Valley and San Jose

Sessions' 13th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Skateboarding Contest, presented by vitaminwater and etnies, today announced the list of invited masters and pros who will compete in the bowl contest September 24th in San Jose, CA. An increased purse, improved spectator viewing, and ever-growing list of skaters highlight the 13th Annual contest in memory of Tim Brauch, a San Jose-based skater whose life was cut short too early in 1999.
The Tim Brauch Am Contest will be held in Scott's Valley on October 1, at the Tim Brauch Memorial Skatepark in Scotts Valley, CA.
The skatepark allows for a unique blend of street and transition skateboarding and brings out many all-terrain rippers, like Brauch.
The Pro and Master Bowl Contest is part of World Cup Skateboarding's Concrete Series which claims the title of the "Longest
Running Bowl Event" and will be held at Old Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark in San Jose, CA. on September 24th.
"Sessions is proud to keep Tim's spirit alive through this skateboarding contest," said Joel Gomez, CEO of Sessions, "and we are
especially happy to have vitaminwater and etnies on board this year, as well as all of our sponsors. These events are always exciting!
The invitation roster tells it all for the bowl event and the up & coming Am's for the street event are incredible. 'Never Forget' Tim
MMC D.C. Pro and Masters Invitation Roster:
Chad Bartie
Kyle Berard
Charlie Blair
Josh Borden
Steve Caballero
Kalani David
Dalton Dern
Sandro Dias
Anthony Furlong
Benjamin Galloway
Chris Gentry
Rune Glifberg
David Gravette
Omar Hassan
Ben Hatchell
Tony Hawk
Aaron Homoki
Christian Hosoi
Ben Johnson
Tim Johnson
Willis Kimbel
Kevin Kowalski
Andrew Langi
Bucky Lasek
Rion Linderman
Andy Macdonald
Tyler Martin
Josh Mattson
Brad Mcclain
Chris Miller
Zach Miller
Mason Merlino
Lance Mountain
Tyler Mumma
Nolan Munroe
Michael Owen
Michael O’friel
Mark Partain
Collin Provost
Chaz Pineda
Murilo Peres
Steven Reeves
Ben Raybourn
Joshua Rodriguez
Mike Rogers
Josh Stafford
Skyler Siljeg
Alex Sorgente
Tom Schaar
Josh Stafford
Sergie Ventura
Paul Wisniewski