1999 Skateboard Buyers Guide Corrections

Its release was a momentous occasion. The first of its kind¿ever¿and an ornate pedestal for professional skateboard products. The 1999 Skateboard Buyer’s Guidehit the shelves in late spring and gave skateboarders more information about the stuff they ride than any one volume ever has. More decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, safety gear, and shoes were pictured, described, and explained than in any catalog or Web site. For the staff here at TransWorld who labored over the tens of thousands of details to get all of it right, its release was met with a sigh of relief.


As with most projects of this magnitude, tired eyes pouring over text and images for the umpteenth time tended to miss some details. And of course, we had to assume that the information supplied by manufacturers was accurate, too. So the beautiful book has a few mistakes, and we’ve heard from enough shops and manufacturers that we thought it prudent to investigate and publish the corrections.

For those of you who thought some of the prices published in the Buyer’s Guideseemed low¿yes, some were. The actual manufacturer-suggested-retail prices, and a couple other corrected items, are listed below.

To those who suffered the scorn of customers, we’re sorry. We hope that publishing this information might help, just as the Buyer’s Guidewas designed to do.


ATMAdam McNatt Inked, 7.5 x 31 (14)$47.50

(Incorrect brand was printed.)

BlindChainsaw Kitten7 1/2 x 31 1/2 (14 1/8)$69.95

(Incorrect image was printed.)

BlindCubscout, 7 3/4 x 31 1/2 (14 3/8)$69.95

(Incorrect graphic was printed.)

BlindNine Lives7 7/8 x 31 7/8 (14 1/2)$69.95

(Incorrect information was printed.)

Anti-Herodecks: $49.95

Channel One decks: $51.00

Foundation decks: $69.95

Planet Earthdecks: $49.95

Realdecks: $49.95

Rhythmdecks: $49.95

Stereodecks: $49.95

Toy Machine decks: $69.95

Zerodecks: $69.95


Foundationwheels: $39.95 per set

Landspeedwheels: $39.95 per set

Pigwheels: $39.95 per set

Spitfire wheels: $29.00 per set

Toy Machinewheels: $39.95 per set

Zero wheels: $39.95 per set




PigABEC 5 bearings: $29.95 per set


AdioFive-0: $54.95

Adio Jamie Thomas Version 1: $68.95

Adio Jamie Thomas Version 2: $75.95

AdioJeremy Wray Version 1: $75.95

AdioSteve Berra Version 1: $72.95

AdioSteve Berra Version 2: $72.95

AdioTony hawk Version 1: $75.95

AdioUnix Version 1: $69.95

AxionGuy Mariano Sourcer

black, gray/white, gray, navy, tan/navy, white


(Incorrect image was printed.)

DC Shoe Co.Torsion: $54.95

DC Shoe Co.Boxer: $74.95

DC Shoe Co.Bryton: $64.95

DC Shoe Co.Cozmo: $89.95

DC Shoe Co.Essence: $82.95

DC Shoe Co.Infinity: $89.95

DC Shoe Co.Iomi: $79.95

DC Shoe Co.Kovar: $99.95

DC Shoe Co.Syntax: $79.95

DC Shoe Co.Lynx: $69.95

DC Shoe Co.Metro: $79.95

DC Shoe Co.Plug: $79.95

DC Shoe Co.Relay: $94.95

DC Shoe Co.Royal: $79.95