2002 etnies Skatepark BBQ Tour

Etnies Footwear is launching a Skatepark BBQ Tour of the Southern Californiaarea starting May 5, 2002 at Camarillo Skatepark in Camarillo and endingSeptember 7, 2002 at Skateboard Heaven in downtown San Diego withtwenty-eight dates in between (see the Schedule above). Etnies will begrilling up free food like hot dogs, burgers and veggie burgers. We’ll alsobe giving out cold beverages (sodas & water), free T-shirts, hats, stickersand holding drawings for free Etnies shoes.

Don’t be surprised if you show up for a free lunch and end up skateboardingwith members of the Etnies skate team…

The purpose of this BBQ Tour is to give something back to the skaters andraise awareness of legislation SB 994*-which will update California’sskateboarding-related liability laws that will secure the future of publiccity-owned skateparks.

*Legislation SB 1296, which passed in 1997, made the construction of allpublic city-owned skateparks you see around you possible by officiallylisting skateboarding as a hazardous recreational activity and freeingcities of liability. Legislation SB 1296 expires (because of a sunset clauseso legislators could test the law) on December 31, 2002. This means thatpublic city-owned skateparks could start closing. New Legislation SB994-introduced by Senator Bill Morrow to permanently update California’sskateboarding-related liability laws- is now on the calendar and needs allthe help it can get to be passed before SB 1296 expires at the end of thisyear. We skaters are now called upon-as never before-to coordinate ourlobbying efforts in demonstrating to California legislators the importanceof keeping public city-owned skateparks open.

So, when the Etnies Skatepark BBQ Tour rolls through your area, be sure tostop by, chomp on some grub, session with us and get involved! Stay tuned to www.etnies.com for more information on how you can help. For complete schedule and updates from the road, go to http://www.etnies.com/skate/extra/bbq/