2007 Damn Am Semifinal Results

The 2007 Damn Am street contest is heating up and there have been some lead changes since yesterday’s qualifiers–Chazz Ortiz is now holding onto 1st Place. And it looks like our prediction from yesterday came correct: Collin Provost and Chris Troy are now in the Top 5. Here’s the current Semifinal standings from 3rd Lair.


1. Chazz Ortiz
2. Cesar Fernandez
3. Colin Provost
4. Taylor Smith
5. Chris Troy
6. Cody Davis
7. Chris Gregson
8. Dylan Perry
9. Kechaud Johnson
10. David Loy
11. Kyle Terbush
12. Chris Montgomery
13. Chris Mendes
14. Brendan Keaveny
15. Tabari Cook
16. Ryan Yost
17. Curran Caples
18. Ryan Reyes
19. Jamiel Nowparvar
20. Austin Kanfoush