Usually Bob doesn’t wait this long to lock down a victory. Three stops into the 2008 AST Dew Tour, he did just that. Keep reading to see all ten finalists, then click here for the video.

1) Bob Burquist 91.25
2) Pierre-Luc Gagnon 89.75
3) Bucky Lasek 86.5
4) Sandro Dias 86.25
5) Andy Mac 86.25
6) Buster Halterman 85.25
7) Adam Taylor 78.25
8) Alex Perelson 77
9) Rob Lorifice 73
10) Josh Stafford 73


Bob Burnquist wins Skateboard Vert event and Chad Kagy Wins BMX Vert at AST Dew Tour event in Portland

PORTLAND, Ore., – Bob Burnquist won the skateboard vert event and Chad Kagy won the BMX vert event Saturday in the Wendy’s Invitational.
In skateboard park, the 31-year-old Brazilian captured the win in his final run with back-to-back combo tricks, including a switch kickflip indy to fakie, to finish at 91.25. Canada’s Pierre-Luc Gagnon was second at 89.75, followed by Baltimore’s Bucky Lasek at 86.50.

“It seems like when I have the pressure on I feel like I gotta stay on my board,” Burnquist said. “These tricks are so technical and really to take the top slot these days you gotta roll the dice a lot. I felt like, hey this is the time to do it, last run.”