(David Loy, backside Smith grind. photo: A.Smith)

The dust has settled in Costa Mesa and the results from the 2008 Damn Am are in. In a battle of the blondies, David Loy emerged as the victor beating out Cody Davis and Brazilian buck Felipe Gustavo. Keep reading for the full results and keep checking back for Round Two of the flicks.

1) David Loy
2) Cody Davis
3) Felipe Gustavo
4) Timmy Knuth
5) Kechaud Johnson
6) Louie Lopez
7) Shawn Hale
8) Rob Maatman
9) Kyle Walker
10) Tommy Fynn
11) Will Marshall
12) Donovan Piscopo

1) Daniel Espinoza – Front blunt kickflip fakie on the rail ($500)
2) Ryan Reyes – Smith grind kickflip out on the rail ($200)
3) Moose – Cab flip down the double set ($100)
4) Cody Davis – Front board kickflip out on the rail ($100)
5) Grant “Eggy” Muller – Switch dolphin flip down the double set ($100 WTF)