Words by Will Greenfield

Photos by Sim Higginson

Saturday, 16th August saw the annual Gap Jam occur at Meanwhile 2 in London.
The infamous gap has seen some beastly tricks popped over it in years gone by. This years jam celebrated the “rebirth” of the Meanwhile park with a new street section finished, ready for a rinse out by local talent.
The Crossfire crew put some money up for grabs to be dished out for best street tricks, best transfer from the new to old and, finally, best trick over the gap. Riders from The UK Hubba team, Blueprint, Death, Gyppo Army, Landscape and a whole host of others turned up and went off big style.
Bristol heads were representing in the Big Smoke with Nicky Howells and Dave Snaddon ripping all day long, whilst Chris Oliver turned up and frontside flipped from the hip to flat, clearing the park wall in the process.
After a few technical hitches Zac got the sound system kicked into life and the transfer session saw some heated action. Gyppo Army's Aaron Sweaney continued his recent concrete onslaught by smashing over a massive backside 360 from the new quarter into the bowl to take home some cash.
The Gap session was up last and Dan Wileman popped a bigspin flip over after a few close calls. I called it a day soon after and chipped off, later to hear I missed a last ditch backside flip from the feet of Snaddon. Didn't see that one coming, serious moves on the up. Just gutted I missed it.—Will Greenfield