2008 PHX AM Final Results

C’mon, this is getting a little too predictable. Tampa Am, a slew of other contests before that, and now Phoenix Am. Will there soon be a Life Of Ryan v2.0 on the boob tube? Only time will tell. (Photos coming soon…)

1) Ryan Decenzo
2) Chaz Ortiz
3) Vincent Alvarez
4) Dustin Blauvelt
5) Collin Provost
6) Matt Berger
7) Andrew Langi
8) Timmy Knuth
9) Robbie Brockel
10) Josh Hawkins
11) Cody McEntire

1) Robbie Brockel – 360 Ollie Bigger Flip
2) Nick Fiorini – Nollie Double Heelflip
3) Cody McEntire – Switch 360 Flip