This weekend there are three events going down at three different CCS shops. On Friday March 18, Volcom is bringing all you need to design your own hat to two CCS Stores in California. First, at 5p.m. at CCS Santa Monica, and then again on Sunday March 20, at 2 p.m. at CCS Sacramento. CCS and Volcom pros David Gonzalez and Mark Appleyard will be there signing autographs and to scope out your design skills.

On Sunday March 20 The Converse team is going to roll into the CCS Store in Austin, Texas, greet some fans, and sign some autographs. It all starts at 1p.m. so don't blow it and show up late. Getting an autograph from the likes of Ethan Fowler, Sammy Baca, Nick Trapasso, Angel Ramirez, Eli Reed, Tom Remillard, Julian Davidson, and Darrell Stanton isn't enough for you? If you buy a pair of Converse shoes you'll get a gift bag from Converse. Shortly after the crew is going to roll out and light up some Austin Concrete.