411 Premiere, Factor 54, Sambazon

411 Video Premiere

At Willy’s Workshop, Sunday August 6.
Free Giveaways!

9995 Carmel Mountain Rd. Suite B10
San Diego, CA 92129

Factor 54

Up and coming skate clothing company out of Orange County has picked up ams Bobby Lenke, Chris Ocampo, Jake Rueter, Shane Butler and George Kliorikaitis. Check their gear at factor54.com.


If you know what’s up with the Amazon superfood Acai, a company by the name of Sambazon makes delicious Superfood Smoothies and they’ve picked a team of healthy skaters: Bob Burnquist, Danny Way, Adelmo Jr., Nyjah Huston, Brunno Passos, Nilton Neves, Andre Genovisi, Ray Barbee, Christian Hosoi, and Matt Field.