411 Productions Presents Chaos

411 Productions is proud to introduce its newest skateboarding video project, CHAOS. This exciting new video is completely packed full of the best 411VM Skateboarding articles of 2003, all bearing the “Chaos title. CHAOS is a full hour of non-stop skateboarding, plus every CHAOS DVD is packaged with a second BONUS DVD containing another hour of the best footage from 2003! Over two hours of the best 411VM Skateboarding footage in one DVD package for only $19.95!

CHAOS features eleven articles with footage from all over the world, including Foundation “Controlled Chaos (issue 54), Controlled Chaos (56) featuring J.T. Aultz, Chad Fernandez, Chris Dobstaff, Pat Channita, and Gary Smith, Consolidated Controlled Chaos (57), Cliche Controlled Chaos (58), MuskaBeatz Chaos (58), and DuFFS Controlled Chaos (59)!

The video also contains Chaos articles from issues 55 and 59, plus Article Chaos segments from issues 54 through 59! Article Chaos brings together the best tricks from every article in a single issue. Tony Trujillo, Ragdoll, Jason Adams, Donny Barley, Stefan Janowski, Daniel Shimizu, Corey Duffel, Paul Rodriguez, Cale Nuske, Stacy Lowery, Nate Jones, Kerry Getz, Jack Curtin, John Cardiel, Colt Cannon, Cairo Foster, and tons more are all causing CHAOS!

411 Productions continues its DVD domination with the release of CHAOS. Every DVD includes a FREE bonus DVD including a selection of the best individual articles from 411VM Skateboarding issues 54—59 including Cairo Foster Profile (issue 54), Kerry Getz Day In The Life (57), and Jack Curtin Wheels Of Fortune (59). Another full hour of pure skateboarding in one DVD package!

Be sure to ask Santa for CHAOS; it’s like getting two presents in one! If you can’t wait for the Holidays, CHAOS will be available at skateboard shops worldwide on November 4, 2003.

Visit 411 on the Web at: www.411vm.com.