411 Productions to Release Muskabeatz Album

Fountain Valley, CA (411 Productions) — December 6, 2002: 411 Productions and 1212 Records are breaking ground in the action sports world! On February 11, 2003, 411 Productions and 1212 Records will drop Chad Muska’s debut album, MuskaBeatz, to skateboarders and hip-hop fans around the globe.

Several years in the making, MuskaBeatz has evolved from idea to album after grueling recording sessions in New York and Los Angeles. Producer and world-renowned professional street skater Chad Muska assembled a crew of legendary and infamous hip-hop emcees to manifest a compilation of sounds never before captured on one album. MuskaBeatz features original beats created by Chad that lay the foundation for lyrics written and performed by:

The Blast Master KRS-ONE, The Diabolical Biz Markie, Afrika Bambaataa, Ice-T, Grand Master Melle Mel, Guru of Gang Starr, Flavor Flav of Public Enemy, Raekwon and U-God of Wu-Tang, Special Ed, MC Lyte, Jeru the Damaja, and Prodigy of Mobb Deep.

One by one these artists walked into the SoHo Grand Hotel, wrote, performed and recorded their tracks with Chad in his mobile hotel room studio. The innovative studio built by Chad and 1212 Record’s Super Dave Roen created a raw sound giving this record an urban flavor that all of these true hip-hop emcees deserve. Capturing sound using technology like never before, Muska has produced an album that is sure to be one of the top hip-hop records of 2003 in the ears of true hip-hop fans.

Chad Muska is one of the most well known professional skateboarders of all time. With his accomplishments in skateboarding and energetic personality, Chad has built an army of fans around the world. Chad credits much of his success in skateboarding to his influences of music and culture. The release of MuskaBeatz marks a prominent step in Chad’s career; a point where he can give back to skateboarding a little of what skating has given him. “When Chad first told me about the line up on the album I was impressed,” said Josh Friedberg, Co-Founder, 411 Productions. “When he played a couple of the rough tracks for me, I knew we (411) wanted to do anything we could to promote the project. I’ve been hooked on hip-hop since the first KRS tape I bought in ’88, and it’s an honor to be able to support some of the true hip-hop pioneers that Chad has assembled on this album.”

In a historic move for the hip-hop community and the skateboarding industry, Chad Muska has partnered with 411 Productions to release 1212 Record’s MuskaBeatz for sale only in skateboard shops. “411 is excited by this opportunity to support an amazing product, skateboarding and our skateboard shops all at the same time,” David Brooks, COO, 411 Productions.

The relationship between skateboarding and hip-hop is undeniable. “…skateboarding is hip-hop’s official sport,” claims KRS-ONE. With the release of MuskaBeatz only in skate shops, “the skateboard industry will benefit from the love of the hip-hop community, and the hip-hop community will benefit from millions of skateboarders influenced by this music,” explained Chad Muska.

To get your copy of MuskaBeatz, storm into your local skateboard shop on February 11, 2003. To learn more about MuskaBeatz visit www.muskabeatz.com and www.411vm.com.

About 1212 Records: 1212 Records is a homegrown, upstart label for the hip-hop community. Founded by world famous professional skateboarder Chad Muska, the Los Angeles based label revolutionized the way music is made using ever-evolving technology.

About 411 Productions: 411 is the number one content provider in the action sports industry. 411 produces and distributes home videos, DVDs, and music relating to skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and BMX. Visit 411 on the web at www.411vm.com.