411 Productions To Share Database Behind New Web Site

Fountain Valley, CA (411 Productions) 411 Productions is nearly set to launch its redesigned web site, 411vm.com. The new site will be offering even more of 411 Productions’ content for FREE on the web via video clips and screen grabs from 411VM and ON Video Magazine.

A large part of the redesign is a database of pro and amateur skateboarders and their sponsors. The database provides an intuitive way for skateboarders to connect with the content that matters to them. A search for any particular skater will lead to a list of sponsors, video parts and related links. Each sponsor link relays vital company info and current team roster. Now, everyone can search for their favorite skateboarder at 411vm.com and see photos and clips from all of the 411VM or ON Video segments featuring that rider.

In building this database, the initial goal was to create the best way to navigate through 411 Productions’ content library. As work progressed, the database expanded and the web staff realized that the new site could be a great resource of information for skateboarders. It became obvious that although the content belonged to 411, most of the data belongs to skateboarding itself.

Instead of using this data strictly for the enhancement of 411vm.com, 411 Productions has decided to share the Company and Rider Database with anyone who wants it. 411 Productions will be releasing this database as a free download, much in the same fashion as open-source software, such as the Linux operating system. The staff at 411 Productions will maintain this database and will accept submissions from all related skateboard industry companies. Then, at any given time, the most up-to-date copy of the data can be downloaded by anyone with a web browser.

It is the intention of 411 Productions that sharing this data will encourage skateboard companies and their team riders to enthusiastically contribute to this database, creating the most current and comprehensive database of skateboarders available. The continually updated database can be accessed on 411vm.com by the 100,000+ unique visitors each month.

The 411 Productions “Company and Rider Database will be available for public download late this summer.