411 Takes You Around The World Again!

411 Productions is proud to announce the release of Around the World II, an introspective look at skateboarding and culture in far away places. Equipped with passports, cameras, backpacks and their skateboards, 411 sent a few different crews on adventures around the globe to document and share their travel, skateboarding, and life experiences.

Kenny Reed, Jake Rupp, Anthony Papalardo, Nate Jones, Cairo Foster, Paul Shier and Rob Pluhowski make their way to the Orient to explore the riches of Thailand. Lush scenery, Buddhist temples and unique skate spots comprise this segment. You’ll witness Thailand in all its glory when this trip culminates in a celebration of the Thai national holiday, Songkrahn, in the streets of Bangkok.

Richard Mulder, Danny Montoya, Kenny Anderson, Felix Arguellis, Chico Brenes and Joel Meinholz journey to Ecuador to experience one of the most culturally and geographically dynamic countries in South America. The skills of this group shine through, dealing with sandpaper-like cement everywhere they went, yet always creating something amazing out of almost nothing.

Kenny Reed and Cairo Foster are once again off to Asia, this time they are accompanied by Ricky Oyola, Damien Smith, and Elias Bingham. Their destination -- Hong Kong. This well traveled group of skateboard ambassadors finds time to visit the largest Buddha statue in the world, witness an amazing celebration of the Chinese New Year and find new and unexplored spots to skate. Uniqueness in life, culture and skateboarding blanket Hong Kong.

The final chapter of Around the World II brings us to the Eastern European country of Poland. An amazing roster of Polish skaters makes up this voyage: Kristian Svitak, Aaron Suski, Mike Ruscyk, Stefan Janoski, Ed Selego, and Justin Strubing. Witness all of the oft-overlooked delights and enriching experiences this former Communist controlled Eastern Block country has to offer. With what seems to be an endless maze of marble, this pool of talent makes it obvious that Warsaw is indeed a prime skate spot worthy of global recognition.

In what seems like a whole other world, Kristian Svitak walks through the WWII Nazi-run concentration camps Auschwitz and Birkenau while visiting Poland. Voyage into very same places where so many atrocities were committed by the Nazis in World War II. Kristian’s commentary and experience make Around the World II absolutely unforgettable.

Around the World II is available on VHS and DVD in skate shops only on May 6, 2003. Get your passport ready for Around the World II...

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