5th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest Oct.11th

SESSIONS, The Tim Brauch Memorial Fund and friends and family are proud to host the Fifth Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Skateboard Contest. We will continue to host the event in Tim’s back yard at the Vans Skate Park in Milpitas, Ca. on Saturday, Oct. 11th 2003.

Continuing with the format of previous years, we will once again kick off the event with an Amateur Street Contest followed by a jam-style Bowl Contest. As in previous years, Tim’s closest friends will be judging the entire event.

In addition to the contest there will be raffles, DJ’s, and games for the spectators.

In the previous years, this event has united hundreds of professionals, industry types, friends, and family, to watch, participate, and remember a friend who brought so much to our lives. In an effort to give as much back to skateboarding as Tim did, The Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Park Fund, a non-profit organization was set up to raise money for the construction of skate parks, was formed. And thanks to hundreds of Tim’s friends, it is gaining more and more momentum every year. The first Skatepark to be built from this fund will be a 20,000 sq. ft. concrete park featuring a street course and bowls, located in Scotts Valley, CA. and will be named after Tim. We’re looking to raise $15k so we can break ground.

This Year in addition to the contest Sessions will be hosting an after party at the Blank club in San Jose, CA. with Greg Ginn (of Black Flag), Mike V. and The Rats, and The Clay Wheels.