60 Premieres For Issue 60

Fountain Valley, CA (411 Productions) — September 4, 2003: 411 Productions is set to celebrate its ten-year anniversary of producing the world’s first skateboarding video magazine. To commemorate the milestone, 411 Productions is hosting a FREE skate session and video premiere of 411VM Skateboarding issue 60 on Wednesday, September 10th at the Vans Skatepark at the Block at Orange.

411 Productions was founded with the goal of “connecting people to their passions”. Over the past ten years, 411 has become one of the most recognized brands in skateboarding and the #1 skateboarding production company in the industry by providing skateboarders with a constant stream of the most exciting and timely skateboarding footage ever released. As a thank you to all of the loyal fans of 411VM Skateboarding, 411 Productions and Vans have partnered to bring you the premiere of 411VM Skateboarding issue 60 and a FREE skate session.

All you have to do is skate any session between September 6th-9th and you’ll get a free pass to see the 411VM issue 60 premiere on Wednesday, September 10th (while supplies last) — plus the first 175 people in attendance get to skate for FREE! Everyone will have the chance to win free gear from 411 Productions and Vans. You must have a ticket to get in.

For those of you that can’t make it — this premiere will be the first of the 60 for 60 premieres nationwide! Be sure to ask your local shop if they are hosting an issue 60 premiere.

411VM Skateboarding issue 60 is packaged as a 4 disc set! Issue 60 contains a selection of the best footage from the past 10 years including Koston’s Profile from Best of 1! You’ll also see new footage including the Main Event at the DC Video Premiere in Hollywood and a Day in the Life with Stevie Williams. The second and third DVD’s contain 10 Best Chaos Articles and 10 Greatest Articles of all time as picked by the 411 Productions staff. Discs 2 and 3 feature Jeremy Wray, Andrew Reynolds, Rodney Mullen, Marc Johnson and many more!

If that is not enough, the kind people at Jade Tree Records have hooked up a bonus compilation CD featuring the 411 Theme Song and songs from The Promise Ring, Jets to Brazil, Pedro the Lion, Euphone and other great bands.

Three DVDs, a CD, and 411 Productions is including a 48-pg booklet covering the highlights of 10 years of producing 411VM Skateboarding. 411VM Skateboarding issue 60 is the greatest skateboarding DVD of all time! VHS is still available but comes only with issue 60. 411VM Skateboarding issue 60 is the one skate DVD you can’t miss — pick it up at your local skateboard shop September 16, 2003!