After four years of progression and innovation with the intent to put together the best contest the World Cup of Skateboarding could ever offer, Globe has decided the only way to do it right is on its own, so this year we present the “Global Assault 2006. It’s Time For Change: gone are the days of the old boring contests, where the run format ruled the event, now it’s all about giving it the best, no matter if it’s done first try or not, everybody has a chance to shine—whether you are a top pro or an up-and-coming amateur that skated his way through the Wild Card Series. Our new contest format will bring out the best out of the participants, round after round, as we witness the skating level notching up every step of the way to the final. The best skaters from all five continents are taking the yearly pilgrimage to Melbourne, Australia, for some of the same reasons this year. It’s the most fun they have during their annual travels, all of it filled with endless A-1 street spots to hit without the usual hassle, tons of well-designed parks for the transition aficionados, a definite must see night life (the “down under way) and to top it all the possibility to win part of one of the biggest prize purse while ripping apart, arguably, the gnarliest street course ever built. The Top 10 for the guys is (in no order): Mark Appleyard, Eric Koston, Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Jereme Rogers, Greg Lutzka, Geoff Rowley, Brandon Biebel, Ronnie Creager and Ryan Sheckler.