Active Am Poll Results

The first ever Active Am came and went this weekend. In the weeks prior, we had a poll on our homepage of who you thought would win. Your top 5 picks looked like this:

Garrett Hill 22.7%
Nick Dompierre 22.6%
Antwuan Dixon 20.5 %
Bobby Worrest 18.9%
Sean Malto 15.1%

Well, the results of the actual contest looked like this:
1st David Loy
2nd Nick Dompierre
3rd Tony Cervantes

Pat yourself on the back if you’re one of the 22.6 percent that had Nick D in the top 5. Our guess is that David Loy and Tony Cervantes aren’t gonna be contest underdogs any longer. Now get back to the homepage and vote on your favorite cover of 2006!


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