Active Launches New Online Site

Ontario, CA — April 23, 2003—For over a year in concept and development, the all-new website has been launched!

“The new website will revolutionize online skateboarding for years to come!” Built on the latest technology, the New Active Mailorder website offers user’s custom options designed specifically for Active Mailorder to satisfy online shopping needs. The new site also features four shopping modes and consistent global navigation depending on the current shopping mode.

Shop by brand. Shop by Active team rider, or by category.

Other brand new features added to the Active Mailorder website include:

The “Out-of-Stock Item” email feature enables a user looking for a particular item, which is currently not in stock, to be emailed automatically as soon as that item becomes available. This feature is only available on items that Active Mailorder plans to reorder. When an expected delivery date is available, that delivery date will be visible on the product page in the product description. This feature will keep users from missing out on their favorite products and will keep them in the latest gear.

Every page of the new will allow users to email their favorite pages to all their friends. As Active Mailorder plans to have the entire latest product available as soon as possible, this will keep our users and their friends up to date on the latest skateboard products available.

The “Quick Shop” feature allows users ordering through our catalog to quickly locate items on the website by simply typing in the stock ID number. This feature greatly simplifies the online ordering experience when using our catalog as a guide. The new site also features advanced search options based on key words, including brand name and product category. Also available are advanced filtering options, which enable the user to filter displayed products based on specific user input. For example, a user can specify a 7.5″ width deck in the “Show Only” dropdown menu and only 7.5″ decks and brands will be displayed in the navigation window. With this feature, users can quickly navigate to the specific products they may be looking for.

The Advanced Search Options exclusive to Active offer the customer the ability to quickly find exactly what they are shopping for.

Finally, we’ve added an updated news section as well as an easy to find community bulletin board. The news section features current Active news as exclusive information about Active Team Riders.