adidas National Away Days Team Tour

Following the success of the full-length skate film Away Days, adidas Skateboarding kicks off the Away Days – Team Tour, which will span across seven cities in the U.S. offering fans and local communities the opportunity to meet and skate with adidas Pro-team athletes. The Away Days -Team Tour will include skate demos from Dennis Busenitz, Silas Baxter-Neal, Daewon Song, Jake Donnelly, Miles Silvas, Tyshawn Jones and Pete Eldridge.

The Away Days -Team Tour will kick off  on August 14, traveling down the west coast and eventually making stops in New York and Boston.

Dates and cities are as follows:

  • August 14 – Seattle
  • August 15 – Portland
  • August 17 – San Francisco
  • August 20 – Los Angeles
  • August 21 – San Diego
  • September 23 – New York
  • September 25 – Boston

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The 'Away Days – Team Tour' will include skate demos, prizes and giveaways for the skate community along with a "Bring Your Build" challenge. Select skate shops in participating cities are challenged with the task of creating unique skate-able ramps and structures for the demo event hosted by adidas Skateboarding. The mobile custom builds will remain within the community for continued use and contribution to the local skate scene.

Skateboarders across the country are encouraged to join the movement online by tagging examples of their own DIY features with the hashtag #BRINGYOURBUILD. Participants will have the opportunity to win cash toward their next DIY project funded by adidas Skateboarding. Local skaters will have the chance to dictate where and how the DIY creations will live on within their communities after the event.