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The big news of the month is the upcoming FREE DVD! The DVD will hit shelves on June 1st! All the boys are hard at work skating, editing, and creating graphics for your viewing pleasure. We will also have it available through

Adio Footwear is proud to announce a partnership with RockFord Fosgate electronics. Rockford Fosgate is a premier manufacturer of high performance car audio products and accessories. RockFord Fosgate will be the “Official Sound of Adio Footwear.” You thought Bam’s car was blinging before, wait until RF gets a hold of it! For more info on RockFord Fosgate, go to

Where do you go if you want to get a bunch of footage in two weeks? BARCELONA! Kenny Anderson, BAM, Brian Brown, Joey Brezinski, Nate Broussard, Steve Nesser, and Jeremy Wray enjoyed shredding all the amazing spots. We made this trip specially to film for the free DVD, so you will be watching the footage very soon.

Our good friend Mike Holloway invited us out to do an in-store signing at the newest SoundWaves location in Houston, Texas. The turnout was bigger that we had expected and all the kids were psyched to meet Jeremy Wray, Brian Sumner, Sean Eaton, and Anthony Schultz. After the signing, we skated in Houston and Dallas for a few days. For more information check out the Adio news section.

Adio Footwear is proud to introduce, Adio Girl. Inspired, designed, and built on the same principals of function, style and durability.

Adio Girl is dedicated to producing footwear and accessories for girls ready to rock something new and progressive. No one trend influences Adio Girl; our designs come from our roots in skateboarding and music. Because of this, we offer a brand that is fresh, expressive, and spirited.

May 21, 2005 – Battle of the Shops. Stay tuned for more info.