Adio, RBK, Syndrome Dist.


On Jan. 29 check out the 2nd Annual “Amps N Ramps”Presented by Adio Footwear. It’s a skate demo by the Adio team and a Battle of the Bands. January 29th at Stagecoach Park in Carlsbad. For more info go to


Jackson Curtin has quit DC and landed a spot on the elite RBK unit. With his newfound professional title, he chose to join up with his friends at RBK.  

“Stevie’s had my back now for a few years and I trust him like a brother, which is why I have decided to quit DC shoes to skate for Stevie’s new project RBK.I want to personally thank DC shoes for everything they did for me over the years. Nothin’ but love.”-Jack Curtin 

Other then that, the DGK mixtape featuring Green Lantern (of eminem/g-unit fame) is now complete. Keep a lookout for it at your local skateshop. For more information on it, email 

Syndrome Distribution News

Brandon Biebel (silver, fkd) will be spending the week of February 7-14 in Australia while Paul Rodriguez (silver, fkd) recently returned from a 10 day photo and footage mission in Australia with the Nike team.

You might see Brandon rolling around Sacramento in his new black Mercedes E500… most likely stopping by the bait and tackle shop on his way to a secret fishing spot.

Rob Dyrdek (silver) and Josh Kalis (silver) have found themselves reunited with the alien workshop squad. Josh is currently in Spain filming for the next workshop video.

Ryan Gallant (silver) has been slotted for a part in the upcoming TWS video due to release in June. Ryan is also busy filming for a future DC project.

Gershon Mosley (INC) has relocated to the Seattle, Washington area. Gershon will be featured in an upcoming art show in LA – March 4th.  More details will be on soon.

Chris Lambert (INC, Phantom) is the proud father of a new baby boy. Look for the new INC ad featuring Chris in TransWorld this month.

Ronson Lambert (INC, fkd) continues to tear the Syndrome warehouse to shreds on a daily basis. If you haven’t seen the bonus footage in the INC 5 days in the desert video… you should. (Check later today for the video!)

Fellow INC am Ryan Bodman (INC) is still looking at the cast on his arm. It’s been on there for over 4 months and it’s looking like surgery is in his future.

The INC team will be heading back to Phoenix, AZ February 10th – 13th.

Hellrose pro DJ Chavez has made Seattle his new home away from home, although he will still be spending a lot of time at the Hellrose house in Hollywood. DJ and fellow hellion Paul Otvos will be heading to Barcelona, Spain for the better part of February and March.

Richie Belton, Don Nguyen and James Atkin will be spending a week in San Francisco in early February.

Look for a Hellrose segment on Fuel TV’s Captain Casey show sometime in April.