Agency Thursdays, Ben Gore and Brian Delatorre

Agency Thursdays: From Isaac Randozzi
Ben Gore and Brian Delatorre
In: Caffeine Shakes


One of the great things about the age we live in is the gradual shrinkage of technology. Smaller and easier to use and lose; these pocket media centers give us great chances to take photos and grainy video at a moment's notice but with one major downside. They appear to be prone to the coffee shakes. Filming with something that weighs less than an unburdened African Swallow can be difficult under the most sober circumstances. The epileptic like shakes that a strong mocha or triple espresso can help to put the spring in your morning step, can also give a jittery effect to the footage. Forget about filming lines, the rough and cracked alleys of San Francisco make that nearly impossible with regular wheels. This footage is from a couple days of fun in the sun in the City with Brian and Ben, giving you a jumpy glimpse of some of their daily skate habits.—Isaac McKay-Randozzi