Air & Style Postponed Until September 14

The Air & Style Skateboard Contest – originally planned on the June 23, 2001 ¿ has been postponed until the September 14, 2001. The event will now be held in the format of an Indoor-Vert-Contest ¿ similar to the previous Air & Style Skateboard Contests in Innsbruck.

On the weekend of June 23, 2001, the original Air & Style weekend, Madonna will be playing in Berlin for the first time in eight years. As her concert venue is so close to our own, we realised that this would cause huge problems with regard to access so that we could not hope to do justice to our own event.

On the September 14, 2001, the Air & Style Skateboard Contest will take place in Berlin’s Arena Treptow, for the third time. After the first Air & Style Skateboard Contest, participating riders, organizers as well as representatives of media and the industry agreed ¿ the Air & Style Skateboard Contest had given a new and important accent to the international skateboard sport. With the Arena Treptow, a reconstructed oldtimer bus workshop from the 30ties, we definitely found a perfect venue for our event. For further info about the location check:


The impressive jumps and vibes, which have already been seen and further, even felt, at the two previous Air & Style Skateboard Contests in Innsbruck, – presented by the world best skateboarders in front of 5,000 enthused fans ¿ only arouses appetite for more.

The event-mix is no secret ¿ “Join the best!”
– a perfect location
– 16 of the world best skateboarders
– price money – US $ 50.000,-
– two top-live-acts presented by MTV


ÿ Date: 14th September 2001
ÿ Location: Arena-Treptow / Berlin
ÿ Riders: 16 of the world best vert skaters
ÿ Ramp: Europe’s biggest, mobile vert ramp
ÿ Music: 2 live-acts presented by MTV
ÿ Price money: US $ 50.000,-
ÿ Expected spectators: 5.000


The best skaters in the world will show their best jumps in the Red Bull King Size Ramp, the biggest vert ramp in Europe – 15 meters long, 15 meters wide and 4,2 meters high. Through an additional Jam Session on the vert ramp, with the “best trick” and the “highest air”, we will turn this event into a breathtaking skate show ¿ a blend of sportive high-performance, unmistakable life style and two top-live-acts ¿ for the waiting “Berliner” skate fans.


Our legendary “After Contest Party” has become a permanent part of all our Air & Style events. The After Contest Party gives you the chance to let off steam in the “Glashaus”, an old brick-building along the separation line between east- and west Berlin.


Of course there will also be a special “music-surprise-package” for our audience at the 3rd Air & Style Skateboard Contest.

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