All-Star Skart Show: Jenkins, Mueller, Pommier

Three of the skate world’s heaviest creatives are joining forces for a group art show starting this Saturday in Culver City, CA. O.G. TransWorld illustrator Andy Jenkins and fellow Art Dumper Andy Mueller plus regular TWS illustrator Scott Pommier will be showing off new works in a show called “Staaamering”. Read on and click the flyer for all the wonderful details.


new paintings and installation by 

June 16 — July 11, 2007
Opening Reception:  Saturday June 16, 6-10pm

The Lab 101 Gallery
8530-B Washington Blvd. , Culver City, CA. 90232

Phone: 310 558 0911
Web site:
Hours: Tuesday — Friday, 11am-6.30pm / Saturday, 12.30pm – 6pm 

sponsored by Scion

The Lab 101 Gallery presents ‘stAAAmmering’ 

Three artists who share the same first name, along with the same love for skateboarding graphics, design and art come together to create “stAAAmmering”.   This exhibition is an attempt to communicate without talking, but by using lines, images, colors, shapes. An attempt to show how speech often leaves us wanting more – needing more. It’s about words, in many instances, being inadequate.

Their installation and collaborative work  ‘stAAAmmering’  will run from June 16 — July 11, 2007.   An opening reception for the three artists, who will all be present, will be held on Saturday, June 16, 2007 from 6 to 10 p.m.  

Andy Jenkins is the art director at the Girl Skateboard Company during the day, and proprietor of Bend Press at night.  He spends much of his time in an office using email and iChat to communicate with his workmates, who are rarely more than 40 feet away behind a wall or two.  It is widely believed Jenkins has some sort of social anxiety disorder, but he’s never been to a therapist for confirmation.

Andy Mueller is the designer behind Lakai Footwear and The Quiet Life.  He doesn’t check his emails on a consistent basis, but he does print them out in order to go through them.  Mueller is a man of wide-spread talents who chooses to work in multiple mediums – even if this means piling on the stress and anxiety.  Mueller may be the most talkative of the three “stAAAmmering” artists.

Andrew Pommier is a painter who, at times, delves into commercial illustration… meaning he uses his images to help express words.  A Vancouver resident, Andrew communicates with his “stAAAmmering” partners in Southern California through instant messaging and emails.  This may be in order to avoid using vocal patterns to communicate.