Altamont available on Halloween

Altamont Apparel Ltd. Announces Global Release DateSelect product from new clothing line created by Andrew Reynolds available October 31

Andrew Reynolds announces All Hallows’ Eve, October 31, 2006 as the global release date for the highly anticipated, select Holiday collection from Altamont Apparel Ltd. Created and inspired by the uncompromising vision of Andrew Reynolds, arguably the biggest influencer in modern street skateboarding today, Altamont is set to break the mold on traditional street wear.

With meticulous attention to fit, fabric and finish, each item hand-numbered and distribution tighter than a duck’s ass, the scant Altamont Holiday pre-launch offering will be instantly treasured by those who seek a sense of individualism and unconventional style defined by skateboarding, music and the rich diversity of modern street life. Appetites will be whetted in anticipation for Altamont’s slightly broader Spring collection set to launch in 2007.

Visit the newly updated site today for more information on Altamont, Andrew Reynolds, Altamont’s bold Holiday collection and the official list of select Altamont dealers releasing limited product this coming October 31. Boo!