Altamont x Bill Owens x Underworld Live

Altamont joins forces with Underworld Montreal to inaugurate the long awaited reopening of Underworld Live Venue with custom graphics featuring the iconic imagery of Altamont contributor and legendary photographer Bill Owens' actual photographs from the doomed festival at Altamont Speedway in 1969.

The original UW Live Venue was around in the mid 90's for 3 years, it was next to UW's record shop and skate shop from 1995 to 1998. Some of the best punk and hardcore bands like Strung out, Anti Flag, The Queers, Youth Brigade, Snapcase, Warzone, and Converge all played the UW Live Venue back in the day. Some of them were playing their first concert ever in Canada. Unfortunately the place got closed down by the fire department. So, it is with great excitement that UW Live Venue is back in action with a brand new spot in downtown Montreal situated directly above Underwold's new Montreal store at 251 St-Catherine East which hosts one of the largest selection of Altamont products available in Canada.