Ambiguous With New Distribution

January 1st, Dave Patri president of the newly formed Life Distribution opened its doors this month and proudly announces its acquisition of Ambiguous Clothing. The company's head quarters are in Santa Ana, California, which will house a small skate facility and art studio.

Ambiguous Clothing has new energy with new designers and a new marketing team that will evolve the brand into the must have label.  The new clothing lines will feature a full range of apparel and several T-Shirt series from the newly formed "Ambiguous Addicted Artists Association" or "4A". We are encouraging artists to come up with there own unique vision rather than steering them into a single direction. The line will also include array of denim and jackets along with classic flannels and button-ups.

The marketing will be focused on the core skate market with advertising in every major skate magazine and website; details on the all new skate team will be released in our upcoming press re-lease's and ads.

Ambiguous will be launching their new Fall '09 line this January at the Agenda trade show in San Diego, Bright show in Frankfurt and SLATE in Las Vegas, February 17th. The brand also has an extended T-Shirt line available for "at once" that is fresh and highly creative.