AmSlam Stop 1 Results

Sun Diego’s AmSlam Series got underway this past Saturday with Stop 1 at the Clairemont Skatepark. Nearly 100 skaters came out to compete, and every one of them walked away with a little prize package courtesy of our sponsors. The top 3 winners in each division got hooked up with a fat bag of goodies and a Trophy Deck for their wall. Diego Najera was the big winner of the day, placing 1st in the Advanced Division and taking home $500 cash and an automatic ticket to the Finals on August 24th. You may remember Diego from the Krux Kickflip Challenge we hosted a few weeks ago. He won that event too with 579 consecutive kickflips. He basically rips and you’ll no doubt be hearing a lot more from him throughout the AmSlam series.
Sun Diego wishes to thank everyone who came out to Stop 1 of the AmSlam, as well as all the guys behind the scenes who helped make it possible. Biggest thanks to our Headlining Sponsors Boosted, Lost Clothing, and Transworld Skateboarding, and to all our other sponsors as well.
Check out the results below and check in a few days for the Points Totals, as well as additional photos from Stop 1 of Sun Diego’s AmSlam Amateur Skateboarding Contest Series presented by Boosted.
The next stop is June 28th at the Chula Vista Skatepark. Registration for that contest opens on June 14th.  Remember to sign up early to guarantee your spot, as the divisions are sure to fill up for stop 2.

1. Brendon Villanueva
2. Micah Christina
3. Diego Najera
4. Nick Suarez
5. Gilbert Estrada
6. Brandon Short
7. Chase Barney
8. Will Fyock
9. Armando Paz
10. Nino Chavez

1. Dolan Sterns
2. Anthony Estrada
3. Joe Steckdaub
4. Cody Hail
5. Cyrus Overton
6. Austin Suarez
7. Alex Clark
8. Brandon Mumma
9. Johnny Russey
10. Marsel Garev

1. Mark Barnett
2. Nick Tucker
3. Chris Klich
4. Alvaro Urzua
5. Josh Stoops
6. Saul Quintero
7. Donovan Solarez
8. Gregory Wells
9. Aaron Elvis
10. Dylan Oneill

1. Diego Najera
2. Tom Remillard
3. Will Fyock
4. Joseph Marena
5. Steve McNeal
6. Nick Tucker
7. Jake Hill
8. Saul Quitero
9. Matt Mendenhall
10. Tommy Rodriguez