Analog Ams, DC & Darrell

Brian Sumner hit us up to let us know that Ernie Torres and the underrated Jon Goeman are rolling with him on Analog. Both of those kids were ripping at Analog’s best trick contest last week.

You should all know that Darrell is on DC now, but here’s their official press release:DC SIGNS DARRELL STANTON

DC Shoes announced today it has signed 18-year old professional skateboarder Darrell Stanton to its DC team. Signing Darrell is a big move for the skateboarding shoe manufacturer; while DC has signed several up-and-coming ams who have later gone pro, the company hasn’t signed a high profile pro to its roster in more than six years.

“We see having Darrell on board as a great step forward in keeping DC at the forefront of the skateboard industry, said Ken Block, DC Shoes President.  “It’s an understatement to say we are very picky when it comes to adding riders to our skate team.  Darrell is one of the only pros we have seen lately who fits the DC mold; he’s naturally gifted, down-to-earth, great personality, and very driven. Signing him makes our team more well-rounded and versatile. I am really proud to welcome him to the DC family.

Darrell was originally born in Long Beach and moved to Houston as a kid. He’s since returned to live in the LBC. He first picked up a skateboard at age 13—which means he’s only been skating for five years. His casual, highly distinctive style is instantly recognizable.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that, in my career, I only want to deal with the cream of the crop, said Darrell. “DC is most definitely one of the more solid teams. They’re down for skating, and they have the balls to backup their dedication with solid ads, even more solid riders, and great people behind the scenes.

Darrell first made the skateboarding world sit up and take notice with a backside noseblunt slide down the famed Clipper ledge in San Francisco, which landed him the cover of the June 2002 Thrasher. Darrell had unfinished business with the ledge and returned to Clipper to ollie over the top of the ledge to front-blunt down it. At the time, people just weren’t doing tricks like that—and to a certain extent, they still aren’t.

Darrell had the closing part in TransWorld’s Free Your Mind video (2003) and has had full parts in two Real videos, Recipe for Disaster and Seeing Double, both in 2002.

In early 2004, Darrell was nominated for TransWorld SKATEboarding’s Rookie of the Year award. He kept rolling throughout 04: He took third in Best Trick at Active Rideshop’s “Blingfest contest, switch-back-180d Wallenberg at “High Noon at Wallenberg, and capped the year with a feature-length article called “Naturally Inclined in the December 2004 TransWorld SKATEboarding.

In addition to DC, Darrell rides for Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Volcom, Diamond Supply Co., Boost Mobile, and Furnace.