Andrew Reynolds Donates Over 200 Pairs Of Emerica Shoes!

Emerica & Experience Hendrix

Reach Out To Inner City Youth

Andrew Reynolds appeared in Seattle to donate over 200 pairs of Emerica shoes to inner city kids at two Seattle schools. When Experience Hendrix, the company representing the legacy of Jimi Hendrix , run by Jimi’s sister Janie, found out that Andrew was a big fan of Jimi’s music and wanted to use a Hendrix song for his part in This Is Skateboarding , a partnership was formed. Andrew and Janie, representing Emerica and Experience Hendrix respectively, turned up at Jimi’s former high school and middle school and presented the shoe donation on Jimi’s behalf to an assembly of kids and assorted news media. Turns out Jimi’s former high school is a famous Seattle skate spot, too (see Spanky’s part in This Is Skateboarding . His frontside nose blunt slide to back lip fakie line was filmed there).

After a tour of the Experience Hendrix offices and lunch, Janie Hendrix invited Andrew up to Jimi’s gravesite in order that they could pay their respects to her brother–the guitar god–and see the recently renovatedmemorial site in person. Andrew was touched deeply by the warmth and generosity extended to him by the Hendrix family and Andrew and Emerica would like to express the sincerest gratitude to Janie Hendrix and Experience Hendrix for allowing the opportunity to be a part of such a positive and magical experience.

So, next time you’re skating at Garfield High in Seattle, don’t be confused when you look around and see shiny new Emericas on everybody’s feet. They’re a gift from Jimi.|


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