Andy Mac to Throw First Pitch

Golden, Colorado (May 4, 2000) . . .You know you’ve made it to the big leagues when you’re asked to throw out the first pitch at an Indians baseball game. AIRWALK-sponsored skater Andy Mac, only the second skater ever asked to do these honors, will pitch in the Indians vs. the Anaheim Angels game on May 31, in Cleveland, OH.

Baseball organizers knew they were on to something last year when they asked a pro skater to throw out the first pitch last year at a Milwaukee Brewers game. So, it’s only natural that Lake Havasu long jump world record holder Andy Mac follows suit this year.

Andy’s baseball stint will occur two days before he competes in the second of the Triple Crown Series for 2000, which will be held in Cleveland June 2nd through the 3rd. Andy is also competing in the other two series to occur in May and October this year.