Andy Macdonald Co-Hosts Nickelodeon’s Maximum Rocket Power Games

Andy Macdonald will join Nickelodeon Games and Sports’ Mati Moralejo to host the first-ever Maximum Rocket Power Games. Based on Nickelodeon’s hit animated Rocket Power series, the Maximum Rocket Power Games is a half-hour live-action special inspired by the new Rocket Power movie “Race Across New Zealand”. The Maximum Rocket Power Games, featuring competitions with action-sport pros and amateur athletes in New Zealand and California, will air on Nickelodeon Saturday, February 16 at 9:30p.m. EST/PST.

“I had a blast shooting the Maximum Rocket Power Games,” says Macdonald. “It was awesome to see kids so excited about being teammates with some oftheir favorite pros.”

The Maximum Rocket Power Games consists of three teams–each comprised of two action sports pros and four hand-picked “groms” who have never experienced the limelight but rule their neighborhood skate or snowboard park. The teams compete in three diverse action-sport events inspired by the Rocket Power movie adventures. In this real-life re-creation of the animated action, teams including pro skaters Brian Howard, Sergie Ventura, and Jesse Fritsch will compete in a skateboard obstacle course with a pro-vert finish. All the skateboarding and BMX footage was shot at the Encinitas YMCA in front of bleachers of screaming fans.

In addition to the live-action special, Nickelodeon magazine will offer a special “Maximum Rocket Power” edition in February with behind-the-scenes features on the show.

The Maximum Rocket Power Games will re-air Sunday, February 17th at 5:30p.m. EST/PST and again on Presidents’ Day at 3:30p.m.EST/PST.