Andy Macdonald Goes To Washington

Vert pro meets President Clinton for anti-drug conference.

The morning after finishing the August ESPN B-3 contest in California with second-place finishes in both street and vert, Andy Macdonald was in Washington D.C. to attend a conference for the Anti Drug Media Council. The star of one of the Council’s many television spots, Macdonald met with President Clinton and his family, and General Barry McCaffrey, director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, for a presentation announcing the success of the Council’s anti-drug campaign.

Both Clinton and McCaffrey commended Andy for being a good example for youth, Clinton even suggested that he seek political office when he’s retired from skateboarding. “It’s about as dangerous,” Clinton said at the conference. “And we could use you … I told Andy that I had seen him on television¿even I, when I’m channel surfing, sometimes catch the skateboarders. Every time I see him do that I think, ‘You know, a couple years ago I fell six inches and was hobbled for six months.”

The television spot featuring Andy began airing during the X-Games, and is part of a five-year, one-billion-dollar barrage of messages warning kids of the dangers of drugs. In his spot, Andy discusses his drug-free route to the top of vertical skateboarding while the footage shows him “getting vertical, not high.”